Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Storm Brings New Prospects on the Wind

Ignore the "fancy" title guys. lol. Basically, there was a big storm last night and I got to just stare out a the lightning for a while. It's quite beautiful. Also spent the day talking with a friend of mine from back when I was at college at TTU in TN. She's coming down to Texas to Arlington of all places to see an online boyfriend of hers and I convinced her to pick up some things from my house before heading down here to hang with me. ^^ So, I'm going to be getting a nice care package from home thanks to her and a nice refreshing blast from the past with her.

I should be getting some new kitchen supplies (we needed some pizza pans and utensils), a box of my antique cameras (I'm going to play around with them a bit, clean 'e up, and maybe try and sell them down here at one of the camera stores), some board games (that hopefully my roommates will play with me like: Risk, Monopoly, and Life), some new business clothes (I've been forced to wear the same 3 dress shirts and 1 tie I own this whole time at my job and it's tough to keep them clean when you can't afford laundry sometimes >.< ), and, most importantly, some funds!

I did try something last night while my roommates were inside cooking up 3am hamburgers. (What? We're not weird. lol) I stepped outside on the balcony with the storm still on the horizon, but the rain having ended, watching the lightning flashes in the distance and listening to the sound of a freight train whilst the cool night's wind blew over my face. It was very calming and it reminded me of home when I closed my eyes. Cool nights in Tennessee with a breeze blowing over my face listening to the sound of a distant train rumbling through town at night. I miss that. I guess the sound of a train horn is what brings me back home. *shrugs*

I think the most important thing that I discovered last night, though, were two MLP:FiM fan videos while I was bored and killing time on youtube. Now, I admit, I am a brony and have watched every episode. These two fan videos were just as good, if not better, than some of the latest episodes for the series, though, and that is what really got my attention!

The first one is my favorite and it brought me to tears guys! It tugs on your heartstrings but for the right reasons! It's a very moving story that I could see being a straight to video Christmas special in the past. Yes, it does with winter themes and, yes, it is becoming summer, but really, just watch it! I present to you: Snowdrop:

The second one is good, but not as good, IMO, as Snowdrop. However, it is a needed change of pace and is meant to make you laugh not cry. ;-) It'd basically a fan crossover episode involving many people's favorite cartoons of years past. (tries not to sound old) I present to you: Double Rainboom:

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