Sunday, July 7, 2013

Texas is a bust

Well, I guess I should have seen this coming. My roommates are kicking me out of their apartment. I haven't been able to find a job in over a month. I still haven't made hardly any friends.

It just seems that every time I try something new, hoping that my life will get better, it just ends up the exact same as before: with me losing my job, losing friends, ending up in debt, and me ending up more depressed than when I started. I really don't know why I expected this to be any different!

I mean, I really don't see the point to life at all! I have no purpose, no love, no REAL friends to be attached to, no career, NOTHING! In my life, I've failed one thing after another. First it was relationships, then college, then keeping jobs, then keeping friendships. The ONLY reason people keep me around is to use me. Use me for my stuff or as the butt of their jokes!

What good have I brought to the world?! Seriously, someone answer me that! I know damn well that I've led a piss poor example in life for my little brothers. I know that I've let down my parents and grandparents. I've let myself down at every turn!

Someone, please, just tell me that my life has meaning. That I'm good for something. That I should keep on living when every day I feel this hole in my chest get deeper and more painful. Yes, I know that it's depression and that I've never had a lot of self esteem. But, is that all there is to this? Is this all in my head or is that just the icing on the shit cake?!

All my life, I've looked around and thought that surely this isn't how the world really is. Surely it's better than it seems. I know it's not magic and whimsy like we think it is when we're younger, but surely it can't be THAT bad. But then, you turn 24 and see that the world isn't that bad anymore, it's just gotten worse. You realize that even the people in it have gotten worse.

Then you start questioning why you'd even want to live in world like this. I've not come up with an answer to that question, yet.

Now, in all seriousness, I've never been one to support suicide. In fact, I've helped people fight it off and even help them through it. I've always seen it as an option, sure, but never a feasible one. Until lately, that is. I don't know if it's just the world getting to me...or the people around me breaking me down...but I'm to the point where I've considered it on multiple occasions. Taking one of the myriad of knives in this apartment and just slitting my wrists, chugging as many pills as I can find, or even just leaning too far over the railing on our 3rd floor balcony...

Really, how could I not have ended up in this state of mind?! All throughout my childhood I was looked down upon by other kids. I was that smelly, fat nerd. Even the other boy scouts would knock me down, sit on my face and fart! No girls would even consider going out with me until one was forced to in a truth or dare game; coincidentally how I got my first kiss. My dad used to choke me when I was very young so I've never really trusted him. In college, I was always the gofer, the lackey, the errand boy. All my high school friends stopped talking to me, all my college friends stopped talking to me. I was forced to move back to my tiny town in the middle of the woods in nowhere, TN, where I had to sit in a small corner of my room on my computer 24/7! THEN, I move to TX because of an online friend whom I've gotten to see all of 3 times in the 8 months I've lived here! The couple that I live with have gone from somewhat liking me to hating me; I take that back, one of them has hated me since they met me! I constantly am getting some form of abuse! Normally, I just shrug it off, but inside it just keeps building and building! There's only so much mental abuse someone can take before they just...SNAP! I am so very close to that point right now. I've never really been a violent person. I used to beat up on my little brothers, but when I got to the point of actually abusing them, I felt so bad that I shut my violent side down permanently. So, I'm left with the other alternative.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Stress Abounds

I have to apologize to my readers for the depression-filled rants from my last blog. I had actually planned on typing out something happy, but when it rains it pours, am I right? ^^; So, I'd like to take a chance to state my case for why I've been getting so worked up of late.

As you've probably guessed from the title, my main problem of late has been stress. I do a good job hiding it IRL, but I'm constantly worrying. (I get it from my grandma.) I just get so stressed over everything lately. Let me break it down for you all.

I got $600 near the end of May from my parents after I had to suck it up and call them to let them know I'd lost my job and was living on change. Of course, first thing I do with it is pay rent so I have a month to get shit back together. Well, here I am only 14 days into June and I'm down to 1/6th of that money. I'm probably about to get charged $115-$230 tomorrow because of back-logged loan payments because the stupid company doesn't like to communicate properly. I STILL owe one of my friends from before I moved to Texas $2,000 in rent.

On top of all the money worries, I've got relationship issues and I'm not even IN a relationship! So, I'll admit this, in case you've not caught, yet: I'm a virgin who's only ever been in 1 relationship before (and that was based on a truth or dare game). So, I have this very aggressive, but cool friend of mine who seriously scares the crap out of me with how forward she is. She is upset with me simply because I turned down having sex with her. I know, a guy (a virgin, no less) turning down sex? Something must me wrong with him, right? Probably. At least, I'm pretty sure I've got mental problems when it comes to relationships. Why? Because I have another friend who's recently had a kid and LOTS of serious problems with her ex who, I think, is reaching out to various people and latched onto me. She's nice and I don't mind hanging out with her at all, but the way she's coming on to me worries me. Plus...I just don't feel anything but...concern when I look at her, no attraction at all. However, my roommate's have, of course, had enough of my single moaning & groaning and are trying to push me to get with the second chick. Don't get me wrong, I'd love a girlfriend, but I want someone who I actually like as a friend AND have an attraction to.

Then, there's the job situation... Since I've moved to Texas I've, luckily, been able to find jobs when needed, but I can't seem to hold jobs. I spent 4 months as a telemarketer, 1 month as a mall kiosk attendant, and 2 months as a tuxedo salesman. Now, I'm looking for yet another job. Not just any job, but one that can pay my bills. As much as I liked my last job, it was just barely paying part of my bills. I spend $300 in rent a month, plus $115 in loan payments, plus $75 for internet and electric, not excluding gas for my car, and food to live on.

As you can see, that's a lot to worry about (though, I know that that is exactly what most people have to deal with on a daily basis). I also worry that I'm letting my family down more and more. I'm the oldest of 3 boys. I'm supposed to be setting an example for my younger brothers. I'm supposed to be building up credit and savings so that I can get things like a house in the future and take care of my parents when they get older.

Hell, my youngest brother is going to become an Eagle Scout this year and he wants me to come and be part of the ceremony. I'm just not sure I'll have the funds to make it there even though this is a huge event for my family! This will make 3 Eagle Scouts in our family when so few Boy Scouts ever reach the highest rank in all of America! (About 7% of all scouts, actually.) On top of that, my middle brother has become an E.M.T.! I'm so proud of him for actually achieving his goal when he's 6 years younger than me!

*sigh* So, yeah, that's it in a nutshell. I'll try and be more positive in the future, I promise. OH! Thanks to the few people who remembered to wish me well on my birthday (June 9th)! It was only a handful of people online and I didn't even get to spend but a few hours with my roommates since they worked all day or were gone with family, but I did get taken out to eat, play some games, and go see Ironman 3 by my friend Purple Pardus. ^^ Of course, since no one was available to hang out with me on my birthday we decided to combine mine and my roommate's birthday parties together into one since his was only a few days later (the 12th of June). However, I got upset every time people would say it was his party instead of our party. In fact, none of the people who came to the party even knew about my birthday. Just another reminder of how alone I really am down here in Texas.

I really do have so few friends other than my roommates. To be honest...I sometimes wonder if they're only even friends with me because we HAVE to live together and if we didn't they wouldn't give me the time of day. Especially since I've felt increased hostility from 2 of the 3 and sometimes when I'm around them it just gets...uncomfortable. I guess that just comes from the big personality difference between me and them. They all have predator personalities where I have the prey personality.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Sorry for the Delay (warning emo rants ahead)

Sorry about the month long delay on updating the blog, guys. I wasn't sure anyone was actually reading this until my roommate asked me when there'd be a new one. So, as long as one person reads this, that makes me happy. ^^

Anyway, time for catchup... *deep breath* Well, this month I had swallow my, already low, pride and call my parents to have them send me money so that I could pay rent and eat while my job search continues. I absolutely HATE asking for money because the feeling of owing someone annoys me to no end! *sigh* As it is, I already am in debt to the government about $10k or so because of 2 1/2 years of college that was a complete waste (aside from the great social life it provided me), $2k owed rent to my friend back in Cookeville, TN who let me crash at her apt for a year looking for a job when I flunked out of college, and I'm sure I owe others for various thing.

I want to put it out there for all to see right now that I DO intend on paying my debts. I always pay my debts, I just have to be in a situation where I'm able to do so. Unfortunately, I've never been good with money. I always end up attempting to save money only to spend it when something nice comes along. I guess I'm just weak of will... Ever since I was a kid, I've had a philosophy that I tried to live by, even if it has gotten me into a few problems over the years: If you see something you want, get it. Because when you come back for it later it'll be gone and you'll never find it again. I know that that philosophy is very capitalistic, but I grew up going yard saling almost every day. 90% of everything I own I got from yard sales. So, I grew up thinking of myself as a scavenger.

Of course, using that philosophy I've lost quite a lot of money in my quest for happiness over my life. I've tried buying gifts for people that I liked only to have them throw them back in my face. I've collected everything from bottle caps to stamps to cards to videogames and everything in between. Hell, I have over 14,000 games in my collection at the moment. People compliment me on it all the time. I thought it'd make me happy. I thought that it'd bring me friends. I thought wrong. Oh don't get me wrong, I LOVE playing videogames and collecting things still, but it doesn't make me truly happy.

In fact, I have no idea whatsoever HOW I can become truly happy. Maybe it's because I'm always worrying about something. I try not to show it because I like being the entertainer, the one who looks at the silver lining, but I can never shake off the glass-half-empty thoughts. That's how I was molded, I suppose, growing up. Growing up yard saling made me cheap. In high school I was constantly picked on which lowered my self esteem. During high school, my body had a phase where even coming directly out of a shower I'd smell bad, which I, fortunately, outgrew (or at least it lessened significantly), but it made me self conscious about how I smell and permanently placed the impression in my head that everyone thinks I smell 24/7. Every friend I make I loose contact with, which makes me think that I only had friends to use them somehow; which made me question myself about using people all the time. When it came to love I was turned down at every opportunity until I just gave up on it. The only relationship I ever had was a truth or dare date that turned into a year and 1 day relationship (not really since we lived in different towns and only got to see each other 4 weeks during the summer and 1 weekend a month). So, I don't even believe that I know what love is...

...My worst problem is that I know my problems. My worst fear is that I create my own problems so that I can use my problems. Am I typing all of this because I wanted/needed to get it all out? Did I type it all so that I could get help/closure? Or did I type it all just so that I could get some sympathy? THAT is what goes through my mind every day and the worst part is...I don't even know the answer any more.

*sigh* Well, while I'm ranting about my problems, something else that's been on my mind a lot lately is, well, my mind. I look around me at everyone else and their lives: 11 year old authors, 19 year olds who have been to multiple countries, people who have done more, experienced more, lived more in just a few years that I have in my entire life! Is it all family, connections, money, or is it all smarts? I look at all these people who are half my age creating works or art, traveling the world, and falling in love and wonder: How? How can they do these things and I cannot? Is it all predetermined from birth? Am I destined to end up like my family: farmers and bums? I grew up telling myself that I never wanted to be like that! That I wanted to be the first person in my family to go to college and graduate, make something of my life. What happened? I get out of high school with a 3.14 GPA and 2 1/2 years of college later I am at a 0.0174 GPA. I don't know if destiny is real or if there's a god up there manipulating everything. What I do know is that we can't change who we are. I've wanted to believe that people can change, but the more I look around, the more I think that's a lie. I come from the union of a mechanic and a secretary! What made me think that I could ever become something more than that?

I mean, just look at my life; just the last 8 months of my life. When I moved to Texas from Tennessee, I came searching for a land of new opportunity, a chance to start anew, a place where I could grow. What I found was reality not the fantasy land I imagined in my head. I went from sitting in a chair, in front of my computer, all day, every day in TN to doing the exact same thing in TX! I wanted to meet new people, make friends, find a girlfriend, get a great job, possibly a career (something to make my family proud of me). What I got down here has been the repetition of getting a job, loosing the job, and, other than the occasional outing, remaining alone.

...alone. I'm always alone! I hate it! At times there's this pain in my chest that hurts so bad I want to just curl up and cry and other times it makes me consider ending everything because I see no point to anything anymore. I don't think I could ever do it, mind you, so no need to worry. I have a million ways I could kill myself, but I'm too much of a coward to ever do it. Plus, I know the worry, sadness, and devastation it causes because I've lost friends to suicide before. However, that doesn't stop the feelings from being there. Of late, I've even felt emotions that I never wanted or thought myself capable of. I actually sat and watched a family of cats from my apt balcony and imagined how I'd go about gathering the cats in our cat carrier and then pulling them out one by one and snapping their necks. I hate animal deaths! I've never even been hunting or killed an animal before, but there I was planning it out in my head before fear of my own thoughts snapped me out of it!  I know there's something wrong with me. Something...everything, it's hard to tell at times. My looks, my personality, my very being... I just don't know.

ALL OF THIS! All of it goes through my head every day. It's why when you look at me I usually have a frown on my face if I think no one is looking. Still, though, I try to put on a happy face, smiling away at everyone. I make friends and continue living even though my brain keeps saying there's no point. Maybe it's just a mental breakdown on my part or perhaps I'm having an early mid-life crisis at the age of 24! (a mere 2 days after my birthday in fact) *sigh* I've been told that I just have to find a reason to live. Something that makes me happy and gives my life purpose. Whether that's a craft/skill or a relationship I have no idea. Still, I hope that I can find my beacon someday soon.

Until that day, though, I'll remain a poor, dumb, single, 24 year old, virgin, furry.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Troubled times ahead

Well folks, it's happened, again: I'm going to be jobless for the 3rd time since I moved to Texas. >.< My seasonal work for Tuxedo Junction is almost over and after next week I doubt I'll have any hours at work. Sooooo, guess what that means: job hunting...again!

On the bright side, I managed to get my roommate in at Tuxedo Junction a while back and she's now Assistant Manager, so she's making a hell of a lot more than me right now, which is a good thing since I've not been able to pay rent for a while now...

Anyway, I'll try and make more positive blogs soon, but for now if you have ANY leads on a good paying job near Arlington, Texas, please, let me know ASAP! It'd have to be something where I can make like $400+ a month, minimum.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Storm Brings New Prospects on the Wind

Ignore the "fancy" title guys. lol. Basically, there was a big storm last night and I got to just stare out a the lightning for a while. It's quite beautiful. Also spent the day talking with a friend of mine from back when I was at college at TTU in TN. She's coming down to Texas to Arlington of all places to see an online boyfriend of hers and I convinced her to pick up some things from my house before heading down here to hang with me. ^^ So, I'm going to be getting a nice care package from home thanks to her and a nice refreshing blast from the past with her.

I should be getting some new kitchen supplies (we needed some pizza pans and utensils), a box of my antique cameras (I'm going to play around with them a bit, clean 'e up, and maybe try and sell them down here at one of the camera stores), some board games (that hopefully my roommates will play with me like: Risk, Monopoly, and Life), some new business clothes (I've been forced to wear the same 3 dress shirts and 1 tie I own this whole time at my job and it's tough to keep them clean when you can't afford laundry sometimes >.< ), and, most importantly, some funds!

I did try something last night while my roommates were inside cooking up 3am hamburgers. (What? We're not weird. lol) I stepped outside on the balcony with the storm still on the horizon, but the rain having ended, watching the lightning flashes in the distance and listening to the sound of a freight train whilst the cool night's wind blew over my face. It was very calming and it reminded me of home when I closed my eyes. Cool nights in Tennessee with a breeze blowing over my face listening to the sound of a distant train rumbling through town at night. I miss that. I guess the sound of a train horn is what brings me back home. *shrugs*

I think the most important thing that I discovered last night, though, were two MLP:FiM fan videos while I was bored and killing time on youtube. Now, I admit, I am a brony and have watched every episode. These two fan videos were just as good, if not better, than some of the latest episodes for the series, though, and that is what really got my attention!

The first one is my favorite and it brought me to tears guys! It tugs on your heartstrings but for the right reasons! It's a very moving story that I could see being a straight to video Christmas special in the past. Yes, it does with winter themes and, yes, it is becoming summer, but really, just watch it! I present to you: Snowdrop:

The second one is good, but not as good, IMO, as Snowdrop. However, it is a needed change of pace and is meant to make you laugh not cry. ;-) It'd basically a fan crossover episode involving many people's favorite cartoons of years past. (tries not to sound old) I present to you: Double Rainboom:

Monday, May 13, 2013

To Boldly Go?

Okay, so I don't know how many people know about the Mars One program ( but I found out about it myself yesterday. To be honest, I've been thinking about it non-stop since then. When I was a kid, I wanted nothing more than to be an astronaut, but my dreams were crushed when my mom said that since I had asthma as a kid that I'd never be accepted. But now here's another chance! A chance to leave Earth behind and colonize Mars as some of the first pioneers of the planet! That would be a dream come true for me! However, it's a very selective process to get accepted into one of the 4 slots available to anyone on the planet. What could possibly set me apart and get me noticed?

That First Step

Well, this is my first time using Google+, let alone working a blog. This is going to be a learning experience for myself. I want to try and stay in touch with people more and, possibly, get to know my fans better. I will be using this blog to give announcements of future art plans or to see what people think of certain ideas. Of course this does not mean that I am abandoning Furaffinity or DeviantArt, merely that I am dissatisfied with the limited responses I receive there.

Now, this blog will also serve a secondary purpose as a journal of sorts for myself. I've attempted to write a journal in the past but never made it past a few days, so I'm hoping that with a blog I'll fare better. ^^; Anyway, what that means is that you'll get more insight into my daily life, hobbies, interests, and so forth. Of course with the good and interesting posts will come the mundane and bitch-filled posts. So fair warning there may be rants in the future.

So, I suppose the first thing I should do with this new blog is get some people following me otherwise it's just me talking to myself... -_-; ...again. Also, I'd like to kick this blog off with a round of Q&As. These can be directed at myself or my fursona, Tailswisher (or any of my other characters for that matter) and I will do my best to answer these to the best of my ability. ;-)

If you're not up for asking any questions, you can also suggest topics for me to talk about here on this blog. I'll take any suggestions as long as it's not political or religious in nature. That's two subjects I'd rather NEVER get involved in. >.<

Anyway, here's to a successful endeavor! I hope you guys enjoy and that I can entertain you somewhat while trying to get to know you all better. ^^