Monday, May 13, 2013

That First Step

Well, this is my first time using Google+, let alone working a blog. This is going to be a learning experience for myself. I want to try and stay in touch with people more and, possibly, get to know my fans better. I will be using this blog to give announcements of future art plans or to see what people think of certain ideas. Of course this does not mean that I am abandoning Furaffinity or DeviantArt, merely that I am dissatisfied with the limited responses I receive there.

Now, this blog will also serve a secondary purpose as a journal of sorts for myself. I've attempted to write a journal in the past but never made it past a few days, so I'm hoping that with a blog I'll fare better. ^^; Anyway, what that means is that you'll get more insight into my daily life, hobbies, interests, and so forth. Of course with the good and interesting posts will come the mundane and bitch-filled posts. So fair warning there may be rants in the future.

So, I suppose the first thing I should do with this new blog is get some people following me otherwise it's just me talking to myself... -_-; ...again. Also, I'd like to kick this blog off with a round of Q&As. These can be directed at myself or my fursona, Tailswisher (or any of my other characters for that matter) and I will do my best to answer these to the best of my ability. ;-)

If you're not up for asking any questions, you can also suggest topics for me to talk about here on this blog. I'll take any suggestions as long as it's not political or religious in nature. That's two subjects I'd rather NEVER get involved in. >.<

Anyway, here's to a successful endeavor! I hope you guys enjoy and that I can entertain you somewhat while trying to get to know you all better. ^^


  1. Is this the comment section? Help, I'm lost!

    1. Yay! Just making use of my silly G account and letting you know that I'm up and about :3

    2. Well, Mist, I hope you enjoy reading my blogs. ^^ I look forward to seeing any new comments you make. ;-)